Friday, 10 July 2009

Blogging Habit...

Argh it seems I'm not very good at blogging regularly. The past couple of days have been busy with tidying, cleaning and washing. I also had friends from uni round to see how I am recovering from recent op. It was lovely to see them and have proper girly chat. One of the girls brought me gorgeous pink gerberas. They are so vibrant and zingy, unfortunately my photography skills aren't quite good enough to capture their beauty fully.
In honour of them coming I dusted off my cake tins and rustled up a carrot cake. Since I have been ill I have been practising my baking and I have proved to my Mum that I can be trusted with her secret Carrot Cake recipe, unfortunately this means I cannot share the recipe with you, so instead here is a picture of it iced with cream cheese icing.I have had such bother with my icing of late, I always seem to end up with runny icing even if I follow a recipe to the letter. Don't know where I am going wrong. Mum has said I can come through for a tutorial (my Papa, her father, was a master baker - no jokes please!!!)

In addition to the lovely afternoon with the girls I was smiling with my find in the supermarket... I got an orchid for just over £4!!! Reduced from £12. I spent about 10 minutes standing working out which one had the most flower spikes, which was more likely to flower again and which I was less likely to kill!!! I am VERY happy!!
Not much in the way of crafting going on, tried my hand at batik yesterday but it didn't work very well, I think the wax I used (ends of candles) had too little beeswax content. Here's a picture of the best result...
I used some linen I had, well a pair of white linen trousers which no longer fit. I got an old shower curtain from the charity shop for £1 which has a fishy print, so I plan to make a lined bag. It was going to be a bucket bag for gardening stuff before I discovered the cold water dye was blue not green, oh well I'm sure it will work!

While I was using the hand dye I decided I would dye a t-shirt my hubby got from his Mum. He has refused to wear it as it was white with a red cross, rather similar to the English flag (he's very proud to be Scottish) so I dyed it for him, he says he will wear it now. So glad about that. I hate waste.

bye for now

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