Sunday, 12 July 2009

Well the cat (in the last post) went down very well with my friend's 22 month old little girl. She was also the recipient of this bag and purse. I was in hospital when she turned one and I have been feeling guilty about missing her birthday ever since.
The bag was really simple to make, it is 25cm x 30cm which seems to be about the right size. It is fully lined. The only problem is that the straps are a little wide, I should really make a pattern for the handles instead of winging it! The purse was made without any pattern at all, not measured, just done by eye. I tried Wonder-under for the first time on the flower and I love it!!! I should maybe have sewed around it for strength but we'll see how it holds up. I embellished it with some sequins and small pearls (very securely fastened). The little one seemed very happy with it! And her parents were trying to talk me into making them to sell!

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