Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Ok I realise I didn't explain the picture above, the beautiful puss is my gorgeous cat called Nala. I am stuck in the house most of the time just now due to ill health and she is loving it. I think she might actually be confused and think she's a dog! She follows me everywhere and if I do go out she follows me out and watches where I go! And of course eing a cat she insists on walking over my laptop whenever she can!! It's like why are you typing on that when your hands could be gainfully employed stroking me!

Anyways today I shall share some pictures of things I have made. I've been back into making things for around 8/9 months now. When I grew up I was taught how to sew by my Mum and my (paternal) Gran. She was a fantastic seamstress, often she made her own clothes as she couldn't get any to fit, except in the kids section - not terribly appropriate for an older woman!!! She taught me both dressmaking and embroidery, but I am so out of practise that I have a long way to go before I am anything like as good as she was, I'll need to take some pictures of her work, you know the type, where the back looks almost as good as the front! Mum sewed more out of necessity, saving money by making clothes for us and herself. Her health has made it impossible for her to sew but she is very good at giving me advice!
OK so here are a few items I have made, comments are welcomed!

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