Friday, 17 July 2009

sewing joy

I'm a happy bunny!!! I was in John Lewis yesterday picking up birthday presents for my inlaws and popped into the sewing section and spotted one solitary copy of Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross which I have been waiting for the library to stock, well I couldn't resist, and I had some vouchers in my bag (from our wedding three years ago!) Ooh I am looking forward to making things from it!

I also managed to get hold of bobbins for the Pfaff machine, took a while of searching by the women of Drummonds on Haymarket, such a lovely shop, sewing machine heaven!!! And later I was playing with the machine trying out the stitches and it has many many combinations, not sure what I will use them for, suggestions on a postcard please!

In addition to buying gifts I also made a couple of things for our niece. I had already made a bag with this fabric so I made her a crayon roll too, I have never made one, or indeed seen one of these other than on the internet. It was pretty simple really, although as they are so chunky I couldn't fit all of the colours in (there were 20 in the pack, with 2 of each colour - Early Learning Centre, £3 for 40), so I selected the main colours she will probably use. I used a hair elastic and button as the closing so she can do it herself (she's only two after all).

She is also getting a cat softie, made from a merino wool jumper, it is similar to the other one I made for friend's wee one, but to be honest I am not totally happy with the finish, but I am sure she won't mind!

In addition to all this I also went to a fabric shop which I have not visited in years, and the sale was on.... I picked up these fabrics, some were remnants, the kids prints were in the sale at £1.99 per metre, I am sure I'll be able to make a few bags and crayon rolls from a metre of each! The cream fabric is really soft, I think I'll use it for kids aprons, although it might be too open a weave for that, not sure. The rose one I couldn't resist, it was only £1.60 for 1.6m. I'll probably use it for either bags or cushions. Phew, it's not really surprising that I am feeling really tired and sore, is it?

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